Code of Conduct

  • Hair is to be combed off the face into a bun, if long enough. If not, hair must be neatly pinned away from the face.  Parent is responsible for the student hair and appearance for the younger students.  If the student does not have hairnet or hair pins, they will be required to buy them in the studio. $10 bun kit; $3 for hairnets and pins.  Beginning Fall, 2016, the student will not be allowed in class without a secure bun and a hairnet.  We will have a bun class at the beginning of the semester.
  • Proper school uniforms will be required in all lower level classes.  Pink tights must be Bloch Endura tights, that are sold in the studio.  If the student has a hole in their tights, they will be required to purchase a new pair.  Leotards are to be worn without underwear.  Both tights and leotards must be CLEAN.  Beginning Fall, 2016, the student will not be allowed in class without a clean and proper uniform, including pink ballet slippers.
  • Children are expected to arrive at least 10 minutes before class in order to stretch. Please have your child go to the bathroom immediately before class.  The younger students will be reminded to go prior to class.
  • If you chose to stay and watch class, please be mindful that the teacher is attempting to maintain attention and order in the class.  Do not talk, and make sure your phone is on SILENT
  • The studio follows the Foxboro Public Schools’ schedule. If there is a snow day in Foxboro Public Schools, the studio will be closed, unless weather improves later in the day. Please check our Facebook page to stay up to date with class cancellations.  I will also keep everyone updated through email
  • If your child is absent from class because of an illness, please call prior to class. That class may be made up at a later date.
  • If your child withdraws from the school, she will remain enrolled until we formally hear from a parent. At that point, you will be refunded for the remainder of the classes in the term.