Foxboro Classical Ballet Academy would love to take this opportunity to invite you to join us at the school dedicated to the art of classical ballet in the Foxboro area. In 2011 we decided that it was time to bring a classical ballet school to our hometown. Now is the perfect time to introduce this generation of children to what classical ballet has to offer; from the focus and discipline, to the appreciation of classical music and graceful movement.

It has been said the classical ballet in America is a dying art. We disagree! Ballet in the traditional sense has never been needed by our children more. While many forms of dance have become competitive sports, we feel it is time to stress ballet as a pure art form; dance for the sake of dance. Classical ballet offers children, in their most formative years, the stamina, discipline, grace, and musicality, which will also help them in their academic endeavors. It has been determined that there is an integral relation between a child’s mental development and their exposure to classical music. Classical ballet offers the student that important exposure.

All of our teachers were trained at Boston Ballet, and it is that structure of training we offer our students. In addition, Eve and Ellen, both having continued on to higher education, with careers other than dance, stress the importance of ballet on the student’s academic excellence. Where other school may encourage careers in dance, often to the detriment of the student, we are fully aware of the reality of adult life after dancing school. Our mission is to develop the best possible ballet dancers, with excellent technique, focus, and poise, up to the ability of the child, while also preparing them for a full and productive adult life.

Our passion for ballet was encouraged by our mother, Jackie O’Reilly, who was the creator of the Massachusetts Arts Lottery, now the Massachusetts Cultural Alliance. It was with her guidance that Massachusetts initially created a state lottery, which in it’s inception, was solely earmarked for the funding of the arts in every city and town in Massachusetts. Eve and Ellen continue to share her passion for ballet, and it is with great enthusiasm we bring this academy to the children of Foxboro and surrounding towns. And we are now so happy to now own this new larger facility that was purchased in 2015.