Ballet 2



This is the next level of ballet. Stretching and balance are emphasized. More advanced steps are introduced, and more is expected of the students with respect to effort and discipline. Steps are put together to create combinations. At this level, students are expected to take minimum of 2 or 3 classes per week.  Classes are longer at this level.  Once the students have attained the required level of strength and competence,  they may be invited to add pointe to their curriculum, as a B+ students.  This may take years of training, and a requirement of reaching the age of 12, with few exceptions.  Also, it is highly recommended that this level attend Ashley’s Contemporary class on Monday, which will count as an additional class.

Duration: 75-90 minutes

Age Range: 9-13

Prerequisite: Ballet 1

Dress Code:

  • Pacific Blue/Mint
  • Pink Tights
  • Pink Ballet Slippers