Ballet 4 and 5



At his level the student should show an earnest interest in continuing a stricter study of ballet, with more emphasis on turnout, foot and arm placement, core strength and proper technique. Promotion into this level is determined by the student’s progress at the lower levels, or their ability developed at other schools. Correct technique, turnout, flexibility, coordination, as well as ballet potential, are all evaluated and assessed.

Barre, floor combinations and diagonal exercises are more complicated and complex, in order to improve the student’s mental capacity for ballet. This class focuses on strengthening the body, to prepare the student for pointe work at level 4. More advanced student may be invited to attend higher level classes.

3 classes per week are very highly recommended.

Duration: 90-150 minutes

Age Range: 11-18

Prerequisite: Ballet 3 and invitation

Dress Code:

  • Lilac/French Blue/Black
  • Pink Tights
  • Pink Ballet Slippers